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Main Theme:

Medicines and beyond! The soul of pharmacy. New ways for pharmacy to provide more than just medicines

Hosts partners: The International Pharmaceutical Federation (FIP) together with The Korean Pharmaceutical Association (KPA) and The Pharmaceutical Society of Korea (PSK)

SEOUL: The capital of the Republic of Korea and its largest city. It’s an ancient city, with a legacy of having served as its nation’s capital for over 600 years, yet it combines a reverence for

the past with a full embrace of the future.

CLICK HERE for all the updates of the 2017 FIP World Congress in Seoul 2017, 10-14 September 

            10 September 2017 Seoul: We must generate jobs in the pharmaceutical sector

            12 September 2017 Seoul: New data depict state of progress in pharmacy workforce development

  • Window to FIP Annual Congress:
    Since 2010, every year SEARPharm Forum website brings you live updates directly from the venue of FIP Annual Congress. This year's Congress is being organized in Buenos Aires, Argentina and SEARPharm Forum is here again to provide you all the latest updates, press releases and happenings live from the venue. 

       CLICK HERE for all the updates of the 2016 FIP Annual Congress from Buenos Aires, Argentina.


  • Health at a Glance Asia/Pacific 2016 : Measuring Progress towards Universal Health Coverage

                 Click here for brief report

  •   International Pharmacy Journal (IPJ) , October 2016

                 Click here for brief report

  • A Symposium on "How pharmacist can safeguard  public health by enhancing safety  and quality of medicine in SEA region of WHO" was held in Bangkok, Thailand on Feb, 2015. 

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  • SEARPharm Forum regional conference on "Assessment of Implementation of National Medicine Policy in SEA region of WHO" was held in Colombo, Sri Lanka on 29th June, 2013.

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  • The joint declaration on management of Tuberculosis in South-East Asian region has been signed by WHO-FIP in Hyderabad during Annual FIP Congress; and followed by Round Table Meeting to implement in respective countries.

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  • Bangkok Declaration- Joint statement declaration on Good Pharmacy Practices was signed by FIP-WHO.

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  • FIP Challenge on TB Round 1 published at SEAR Pharm Forum Seminar at New Delhi in April 2012.

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  • Report on community pharmacies important social role must not be forgotten at Buenos Aires, Argentina 2016

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06-08 March 2019


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